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MARIDI - 23 Jan

Female pastor killed in Maridi

A female pastor was shot dead on Tuesday morning in Maridi County of South Sudan’s Maridi State, police said.

JONGLEI - 23 Jan

Activists demand release of inmates with minor offenses in Jonglei

A national civil society group in Bor town of South Sudan’s Jonglei State is calling for the release of inmates convicted with minor offenses in line with a presidential pardon...
JUBA - 23 Jan

National ceasefire monitors not deployed due to budget constraints

South Sudan's ceasefire monitoring mechanism on Tuesday said it has not yet deployed its national monitors due to budget constraints.
MAIWUT - 23 Jan

About 600 refugees from Sudan return to Maiwut

Government officials in South Sudan's Maiwut State say more than 600 South Sudanese who sought refuge in neighboring Sudan have arrived in the area last week.
RABAK - 23 Jan

South Sudanese refugees in White Nile State face education challenges

South Sudanese refugees living in Sudan’s White Nile State are facing challenges in primary and secondary schools within Rabak town, an education official said on Tuesday.
By Dr Nhial T. Tutlam - 23 Jan

Opinion: Release Dong Samuel Luak now or try him

Exactly two years ago, my cousin and mentor Dong Samuel Luak, was abducted from Nairobi, where he was living as a refugee. Mr. Dong Samuel Luak is a human rights lawyer who has...

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