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Yambio - 6 Nov 2021

Bakosoro visits W. Equatoria to investigate pension funds

Governor Futuyo received Minister Bakosoro and his delegation in Yambio. Radio Tamazuj photo.
Governor Futuyo received Minister Bakosoro and his delegation in Yambio. Radio Tamazuj photo.

The national minister of public service Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro and his deputy earlier in the week visited Western Equatoria State to investigate the availability of funds meant for paying the pensions and post-retirement benefits of retired civil servants.

Speaking to the media upon arrival in Yambio, Minister Bakosoro said the purpose of their visit is to discuss with the state public service ministry how to arrange the payment of the pensioners.

“We have come today here in Yambio with my deputy, Butrus Gali, and the managing director of pensions, Jacob Null and his members,” Minister Bakosoro explained. “We came to monitor the case of pensions. Whether the money for pension is there or not, and where is it kept if it is there?”

He added: “Also if the files of the civil servants are there because the money for pension is the right of everyone who worked with the government. So, we came to discuss with the public service at the state level on the matter.”

Bakosoro urged politicians and civil servants to follow the correct procedure while in pursuit of their benefits.

“I want to tell the public that there is a difference between pension and post benefits of a politician. I heard that there are politicians who wanted to go to court for the case of post benefits,” Bakosoro advised. “That is not a court case, just follow the legal procedures and you will get your right. Even me, since I was relieved from the position, I did not get post benefits till now and I have not sued someone.”

For his part, the governor of Western Equatoria State, Alfred Futuyo Karaba, appreciated the visit of Minister Bakosoro and said this was the first time for the country to start the process of pension payment, and “it means the country is moving at the right direction”.