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KUAJOK - 4 Mar 2021

Warrap: new government sworn into office

The newly appointed government officials in Warrap State were sworn into office on Wednesday in Kuajok town. The officials named by President Salva Kiir include advisors, cabinet ministers, county commissioners and members of the independent commissions.

The reconstituted state government represents the various parties to the September 2018 peace agreement.

Wednesday's swearing-in came after the president had delegated his powers to state governors to swear in state and local government officials.

Speaking on Wednesday after the oath, Governor Aleu Ayeny Aleu urged each member of his government to be a servant of the people in Warrap State.

 “We are told to be servants of the people. The peace deal has been reached and peace has brought us together again. So, we are told not to call ourselves IO, IG, SSOA and OPP, we are told to remain as government and build the state,” Aleu said.

Speaking on behalf of the state cabinet, Cabinet Affairs Minister Akec Tong Aleu called on the people of Warrap State to embrace peace and tranquillity.

Akec, who had served as governor of the now-defunct Tonj state, promised to restore law and order in the state. He appealed to the people of Warrap State to be resilient in upholding law and order.

Cattle-related clashes are rampant in Warrap State and often lead to several deaths, injuries and the looting of property. The military has recently disarmed civilians in some parts of Warrap State, but many weapons are still in circulation.

“People of Warrap State actually what do you want? What do you want? The President of the Republic is your son and you are still fighting. Wanthalel Customary Laws were made in Warrap and we are not respecting the laws, instead, we are still fighting,” Minister Akec stressed.

Peter Wek, the commissioner of Gogrial West County, said they will work to ensure that peace prevails in the counties. “My colleagues and I have promised to work for peace, security, development and prosperity for the people of Warrap State. Also, we will work hard to create good relations with neighbours,” Wek said.

Atong Manyual Lual, a women’s representative, thanked the president for appointing a woman as deputy governor of Warrap State. “We want to appreciate you [the president] for appointing women among the men as ministers, especially the minister of health. We also thank IO for bringing a woman in a ministerial post in Warrap State,” Wek said.

She, however, criticized the parties for not representing women at the county level, saying none of the six county commissioners is a woman.

The peace agreement provides for a 35% quota for women’s participation in the transitional government. South Sudanese women hope this key provision will be a catalyst for change in the country.