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KAPOETA - 7 Oct 2019

Movement along Nadapal border resumes after floods

Movement of vehicles along the road linking South Sudan’s Kapoeta State to Kenya through Nadapal border has resumed after four days of flooding, an official said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, the state information minister, Simon Karlo said heavy rains blocked vehicles from crossing the border.

“Nadapal was flooded and it stopped the flow of traffic, but did not destroy houses. Traffic flow from Kapoeta to Kenya was also disrupted for four days, but cars have resumed movement,” he said.

The official further said floods also affected Kapeota markets since most of the goods come from Nadapal border. “It affected the economic part since most goods come from Loki. Prices also went up and fuel like diesel became scare,” Karlo said.

Loparinga Iloch, a Chamber of Commerce member, confirmed that inadequate supply of goods has affected the business community.

“Much effect has been to the business community because cars bringing goods from Kenya stopped and vice versa.  Even prices of goods shot up and the situation has changed. The road to Kenya is still bad for heavy lorries,” he said.

 “As members of the Chamber of Commerce, we requested for the roads to be maintained to allow safe movement of goods in and outside the state,” he added.