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AL-FULA - 13 Feb 2018

Feuding Misseriya clans sign peace deal in Al-Fula town

Members of the Ziyud and Awlad Omran clans of the Misseriya tribe in Sudan’s West Kordufan State have reached a peace and reconciliation agreement on Sunday.

The two Misseriya clans have been in dispute over grazing lands for several years.

Sudan’s Vice President Hassabo Mohammad Abdurrahman on Sunday welcomed the signed agreement between the Ziyud and Awlad Omran clans in the town of Al-Fula.

Hasabo called on the two sides to hand over their weapons the relevant authorities and abide by the peace conference's resolutions.

The conference resolved that the two sides should pay blood money and take the perpetrators to court for trial.

The top government official ordered security forces to arrest whoever violates the signed peace agreement between the two clans.