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PIGI - 13 Nov 2020

Communal clashes displace hundreds in Pigi County

Recent clashes in parts of Pigi County of Jonglei State have displaced at least 30 households, authorities have said. 

Last week, two people were killed following an elopement and an ensuing dowry dispute in Khorfulus’ Khorwai area. 

The dispute involved members of the Rut and their neighboring Phiong sections of the Laak Nuer community. 

On Monday, William Gatjath Deng, the military spokesperson for SPLA-IO, confirmed the incident but claimed that they had restored calm after the killings in Khorwai.

But speaking to Radio Tamazuj yesterday, James Biliu Kur, the acting county commissioner, said they had started receiving displaced people from the SPLA IO-controlled area since Monday. 

“There were clashes in the Khorwai area. Tension is still high there. The incident happened between Khorwai and Panjak people. So since Monday, we have started receiving displaced people. Those who arrived said more people are still coming,” Biliu said. 

The local official pointed out that the displaced desperately need food and shelter. 

Assi Manyang, the county Relief and Rehabilitation Commission coordinator, also appealed to the government and aid agencies to assist the displaced with food, clean drinking water, and shelter. 

"We were there yesterday and received 30 households. Many are still coming on the way but have been delayed by floods," Manyang said.

John Agany, a lawmaker representing Khorwai in the state legislative assembly, urged the SPLM-IO leadership to intervene before the situation escalates. 

“In my county tension has been high since the killing of the aid worker. Now, those of Khorwai and Piong Nuer are grouping an I call upon the SPLM-IO to control the situation before it gets out of hand,” Agany said.