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JUBA - 16 May 2018

Atalabara FC advance with a victory over Malakia FC

Photos: Atalabara FC in yellow, Malakia FC red
Photos: Atalabara FC in yellow, Malakia FC red

Atalabara FC took the lead again with an unbeaten victory over Malakia FC on Tuesday night at Juba Stadium as part of division one clubs matches of Juba Football Association.

The first half of the game began where the two sides changed attacks, but in the second half exactly at 61st minute of the game, Peter scored a goal to Atalabara FC.

Atalabara’s coach Nicola said his players had won the game because they had done the plan from the exercises.

Malakia’s coach Nasraddin said he was satisfied with his team's performance, although they had missed chances in the first half of the game.

The game Atalabra FC has 7 points and Malakia FC has 7 points.