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TORIT - 13 Mar 2019

Torit Bishop urges youth to desist from violence

Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla of the Catholic Diocese of Torit
Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla of the Catholic Diocese of Torit

The new Catholic Bishop of Torit Diocese is appealing to the youth in Torit and Kapoeta States to renounce all forms of violence and manipulation by selfish elders.

His Lordship Dr. Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla made the statement during his Thanksgiving speech in Torit on Saturday. He said the rate of crimes has been on the rise and young people are falling prey to elders who use them for self-gain.

“My dear young people of Torit and Kapoeta States, am begging you as your bishop to stop the culture of violence, terrorizing your fellow compatriots. In recent times this diocese has become the scene of the most horrible crimes and even the remotest villages is no longer a home to people,” he lamented.

“Say no to all forms of manipulations and violence by greedy older persons,” he added.

He urged the youth to love each other, unite and give peace a chance.

“You are much better than us the older generations. You are well-educated try to live your lives peacefully. I do not see any difference between you. You are all one people why kill your own brothers and sisters,” he appealed.

Bishop Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla was appointed as Bishop for Torit Diocese by Pope Francis on Thursday 3rd of January 2019 replacing Bishop Johnson Akio Mutek who died on 18th March 2013. He was consecrated officially on 3rd of March 2019.