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PIBOR - 8 Mar 2019

Measles vaccination campaign underway in Boma State

A campaign to immunize 42,500 children against measles was on Monday launched in South Sudan’s Boma State, an official said on Thursday.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, the state health minister, James Chacha Konyi said the ongoing campaign was launched after cases of the disease were reported in February.

“We launched measles campaigns in the areas affected by measles on Monday. Our target is 42,500 children,” he said.

At least 35 suspected measles cases, Konyi said, were reported since February 22.

“In greater Gumuruk areas, we recorded 35 suspected cases, including three confirmed cases. There are also cases in Pibor North, Pibor South and Okello areas, but we do not have accumulated figures,” he explained.

Konyi said the government and its international partners are conducting the campaign.