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KHARTOUM - 12 Apr 2019

General Ibn Auf takes oath after ousting Bashir in coup

Photo: General Awad Ibn Auf
Photo: General Awad Ibn Auf

Sudanese Defense Minister General Awad Ibn Auf was sworn in as chief of the military council Thursday after ousting President Omar al-Bashir in a coup.

Ibn Auf, an ex-military intelligence chief, took the oath of office and then swore in General Kamal Abdel Marouf, the army chief of staff, as deputy head of the new transitional military council that would be running the country for a two-year transitional period.

Ibn Auf and Abdel Marouf took the oath in the presence of the country's chief justice Abdelmajid Idris.

The military takeover came after months of anti-government protests that escalated this week when thousands of demonstrators began a sit-in outside the army headquarters in Khartoum.

However, protesters vowed to stay on the streets despite a curfew imposed by the new military council, saying the transitional military council is part of the same regime of President Omar al-Bashir.

Demonstrators on the streets of the capital chanted "Fall, again".

 The United Nations has called for calm and restraint in Sudan.