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JUBA - 14 Mar 2019

Defense minister says no return to war

Photo: Defense minister Kuol Manyang
Photo: Defense minister Kuol Manyang

South Sudanese defense minister Kuol Manyang said on Thursday they were committed to the peace deal that ended the conflict and there would be no return to war.

“I would like to assure you that the war will not start again, we are tired of war,” he said at the launch of the army’s action plan to end sexual violence in Juba.

 “We are committed to the full implementation of the agreement ... We signed it and we have agreed to make peace. We found out that there is no reason for violence,” said Kuol.

Kuol called on the international community to fund efforts to implement  the revitalised peace accord, which is already six months behind schedule due to lack of funds.

He said that the political leaders are interested in seeking sustainable peace in South Sudan, urging the Troika group of nations and the EU member states not to be doubtful if the peace deal will make much difference in South Sudan.

“Some members of the international community are saying the peace was bad and therefore they would not contribute. I think it should change now because it is now successful although there is no funding,” he said.

“We have to build our nation, we have wasted a lot of time and a lot of money, and our people have suffered,” he lamented.

“We are still appealing to our partners to support us in the peace process…IGAD is also doing its level best in convincing Gen. Thomas Cirillo and Gen. Paul Malong to join the peace agreement.”

The defense minister said South Sudan peace partners were taking the lead in implementing the revitalised peace deal.

The parties are now facing a time crunch and funds, as the peace agreement provides for a transitional government to assume power in May 2019.

They are yet to unify the different armed forces and agree on the number of states.