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TORIT - 12 Feb 2019

Youngsters FC wins South Sudan cup in Torit State

Youngsters FC in South Sudan’s Torit State won South Sudan cup on Saturday after beating Kinatye FC on penalties.

The match had ended in a 2-all draw, before Youngsters FC won 5-4.

Speaking shortly after the match, Youngsters FC coach, Mario Jackson Abuwaraga said both teams played a good game.

“I am very happy because this was actually good, but the referee wanted to spoil the game. A penalty was for our side, but he did not make it. This is what angered people a lot, but we said they should not fight. Football is actually for peace,” he said.

Abuwaraga urged the state government to prioritize sports by supporting the youth.

Torit local football association president, Juma Joe Adriano hailed the two clubs for reaching the final, despite the existing challenges.

“The association organized two matches daily in the competition at Torit freedom square due to absence of playing grounds,” said Joe.

“We don’t have enough fields and there was also a big problem with finance. We don’t have money in the account of the association. But through our relationship with government and the business community, we were able to reach the final,” he added.

Meanwhile, the state governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo encouraged the runners-up to remain calm and not lose hope, despite defeat.

“We are all now one. We want you to play football. If you are beaten today, you need to play even though you are beaten in Juba, tomorrow you will win. I want to say congratulations and with the situation we are having here, it will not last,” said Oromo.

“For the challenges that you mentioned, we will do it”, he added.

A total of 24 teams from the first, second and third division leagues participated in the competition, which lasted for three weeks.

Youngsters FC will meet other champions from across the country.