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YEI - 15 May 2018

Yei's traffic accidents decline: official

Traffic accidents occurred in Yai town have declined since the beginning of this year, according to a senior traffic police officer.

Yei’s traffic police director Taban Santino told Radio Tamazuj on Monday that the numbers of traffic accidents declined due to massive awareness about rules and guidelines of traffic in the state.

He also attributed the decline to the current economic crisis in the country saying alcohol consumption has reduced due to lack of money.

Santino further said since the beginning of the year, his office recorded two cases of road accidents only.

The police officer advised motorcyclists to respect traffic rules and regulations and drive at a reasonable and prudent speed in the town.

“To be sure since the beginning of this year, this is because of our good working relationship with riders and drivers and they are now understanding and respecting traffic regulations. Let people respect the rights of others and this is especially to the drivers and riders to respect the pedestrians,” he said.

Santino noted that his office will not force people to get the SSD number plates saying they are sympathizing with the people of Yei because of the current economic and political challenges.

He pointed out that the owners of motorcycles will be given ample time to raise resources and buy the new number plates.