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YEI - 8 Nov 2019

Yei MPs pass a vote of no confidence against finance minister

Yei River state sign post (Radio Tamazuj).jpg
Yei River state sign post (Radio Tamazuj).jpg

Parliamentarians in South Sudan’s Yei River state transitional legislative assembly has cast a vote of no confidence against the state minister of finance and economic planning.

On the 28th of October 2019, the lawmakers summoned the finance minister Lorna Sadia Anthony to answer questions related to public expenditure by the executive.

But, Daniel Lokoroto Arama the chairperson for public finance and economic planning told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, that the minister failed to provide a clear report and denied the parliament access to information on financial expenditure documents.

Arama said the finance minister is against the oversight functions of the state parliament. Arama said the lawmakers are demanding the finance minister to resign from her position.

“The ministry of finance went ahead to block all technocrats and government officials in the ministry of finance not to appear before and provide information to the parliamentary finance committee. It’s on this ground based on the powers in the constitution that we decided to cast a vote of no confidence against Lorna Sadia, the state finance minister,” he said.

Lokoroto went on to say that the parliament has vowed to hard to fight corruption and mismanagement of public resources by officials in the executive organ of the government.

“We as an assembly require that Yei River State demonstrates maximum transparency and accountability in resource utilization,” he said.

The legislator revealed that the state is now operating without a budget, and information regarding revenue expenditure is not forthcoming.

Yei River State finance minister Lorna Sadia is yet to respond to the allegations by the state parliament.