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WAU - 17 Jul 2019

Wau MPs summon minister over harassment of citizens

The security and human rights committees in Wau State parliament summoned the public service minister, James Ernest Makuei after security forces allegedly harassed people during the independence celebrations in Wau town.

Makuei, who chaired the committee in charge of organizing the Independence Day occasion, was summoned on Monday.

Agiue Athuai Agiue, the chairperson of the parliamentary committee for information, described as “unacceptable” the alleged harassment of citizens by the security forces.

“What happened was not accepted by the assembly. Some citizens said security forces harassed them and took their phones along the roads and that’s why we summoned the minister. The assembly is the representative of the people and that’s why we want to talk about what happened,” he said.

Agiue further said citizens should not be harassed during national events because they are usually invited to join government in celebrations.

The minister, he said, was given one week to return to the assembly to clarify the issue, before lawmakers begin deliberating on it.

Minister Makuei, however, declined to comment on the matter when asked.