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TORIT - 13 Jul 2018

Torit Mayor forms committee to reduce prices in Torit market

Photo: Juliana Momoi Coho
Photo: Juliana Momoi Coho

Torit town authorities formed a committee comprising of 5 people on Tuesday to assess, investigate and reduce the rising prices in Torit market.

The resolution follows a meeting between the mayor of Torit municipal council her worship Juliana Momoi Coho and traders at the municipal hall on Tuesday.

Mayor Momoi told Radio Tamazuj that the dollar rate has drastically reduced from 30,000 SSP to 25,000 SSP for 100 US dollars and that should translate to a reduction of prices in the market.

“They (committee) will work on prices of imported goods which are not manufactured here and the prices of goods must reduce,” she vowed.

The mayor gave the committee a week’s ultimatum to provide results of the assessment.