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TORIT - 11 Oct 2018

Torit Drivers’ Union urges peace while recounting losses

Drivers in Torit say they have incurred massive losses including loss of lives and property since the conflict started in 2013 along the main roads to and from the state.

One of the drivers Severino Modi told Radio Tamazuj that the recently signed peace is a positive sign urging parties to uphold the agreement and secure the country for business people to do their work.

He said as drivers they have been ambushed, attacked and some of them have died while on duty along the Torit-Juba Road.

“We always experience many challenges on this roads we are normally fired at, robbed even children, youth and civilians inside our vehicles are always robbed and their properties are taken these are obstacles that we are facing along Torit Juba Roads and sometimes we are even shot at and some of our drivers have died,” Modi lamented.

But despite the many challenges facing them, Modi said they continue to work serving the public and providing for their families.

A member of Drivers’ Union Angelo Faustino says he survived four attempts on his life, witnessed robberies and looting of property along the highway.

“I have lost many things, even the passengers also lost their belongings. I have been robbed four times, in the recent attack my colleagues also lost their property,” he added.

Last month Torit State Governor Tobiolo Alberio Oromo announced the reopening of the Torit-Juba road via Lirya of Jubek State saying it was safer.