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BOR - 8 Feb 2019

Three men arrested for allegedly recruiting civilians into armed group in Jonglei

National Security Services (NSS) have arrested three people for allegedly recruiting civilians for an armed group in Jonglei State.

Jonglei’s governor Philip Aguer told Radio Tamazuj Wednesday that three men had been arrested by National Security forces for mobilising civilians to join an unknown armed group.

He added that National Security officers said they received information that the three men have secretly been recruiting civilians into an armed group.

“This is a violation of the revitalized peace agreement because the parties are required to stop all forms of recruitment and mobilization. Those people were arrested in Kolnyang area last Saturday,” he said.

“Political parties have the right to carry out political activities in the state, but we have not received any request from a political party asking for permission to carryout political activities in the state.”

 The state governor did not identify the arrested people.

The top state official further said National Security officers were still investigating the arrested people. “Those people registered some civilians and gave them military uniforms and ranks,” he said.