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RENK - 12 Feb 2021

Renk: Importers of Sudanese goods exempted on trading license fees

File photo: Sudanese lorries in Aweil, South Sudan (Radio Tamazuj)
File photo: Sudanese lorries in Aweil, South Sudan (Radio Tamazuj)

Traders who import goods from neighbouring Sudan have been exempted from paying trading license fees in Renk County of South Sudan’s Upper Nile State, officials have said.

This is in a bid to cushion residents of Renk County from skyrocketing prices of the commodities.  Prices of essential commodities in South Sudan have shot up owing to high inflation.

The local currency continues to depreciate against foreign currencies. Currently, South Sudan imports almost everything from neighbouring countries.

"We have decided to exempt traders who import Sudanese goods from paying trading license fees so that our citizens can buy essential goods at affordable prices," Anyang Agou, acting Executive Director of Renk County, told Radio Tamazuj on Friday.

The local official said the new policy will encourage more business people to bring goods to the border town of Renk, pointing out that the availability of goods in the market will help reduce prices.

"We have decided to cancel the trading license fees because we are aware that the living conditions of our citizens here in Renk County are harsh due to the rising prices of goods. When goods are available in the market, the prices will definitely reduce," Agou explained.

Reacting to the move, the County’s Chamber of Commerce chairperson, Kur Lual Ajak, welcomed the decision taken by the government.

"I welcome the decision exempting traders who import Sudanese goods from paying trading license fees. After the implementation of the decision, I can see many vehicles coming to Renk. I am sure the prices will reduce after this move because goods will be available," Lual said.

Mutawakil Ahmed, a Sudanese trader in Renk town, welcomed the government decision cancelling trading license fees on vehicles carrying goods from Sudan.

According to the trader, the decision will have a positive impact on the movement of goods between the various areas in Renk County, which borders Sudan.

"Traders in Renk will now compete because goods will be available and many trucks loaded with goods will be coming from Sudan. So, we are happy with the decision because it favours the citizens who have been suffering from skyrocketing prices for a long period of time," Ahmed said.