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Hofra-Rum - 15 Jun 2012

Photos: Blue Nile refugees at Hofra-Rum, Yusuf Batil

Sudanese refugees arriving from Blue Nile pass through Hofra-Rum transit site before moving to Kilo 18 site on their way to Yusuf Batil Camp, the newest official camp. Over the weekend June 9-10, the UN refugee agency and aid agencies transported 8000 refugees from Hofra to Kilo 18 on the way to Yusuf Batil Camp, the aid groups claimed. The situation facing the refugees is poor. Many refugees are weak from weeks of walking through Blue Nile State to reach the camps. The photos in this gallery show new arrivals disembarking off trucks and buses, refugees receiving food and other items, tents, and refugees carrying their belongings.

Photos by UNHCR/ P. Rulashe