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TAMBURA - 13 Sep 2018

Patients at Tambura Hospital demand better services

Several patients at Tambura State’s hospital are calling for improved services, saying there is a lack of drugs, poor services and lack of food for patients.

One of the patients Keir Mading told Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday that he was admitted at the hospital two days ago but has not been able to access any food.

“If the government was working, maybe those who are sick in the hospital like me will get porridge, soap, bed sheets and even food. But here we don’t have soap even food, if you don’t have a relative you will not get food,” he lamented.

Veronica, another patient said she had been queuing for long before getting attention.

“I have been waiting for a very long time now. They need to be just. It is wrong to attend to people who come late while leaving those who were here early. Let them serve people with justice,” she decried.

Another patient, Faustino Thomas who has undergone a minor surgery complained that he was not able to get all the prescribed medication at the hospital, saying he was forced to source for the medicines at private drug stores.

However responding to the complains by patients at the hospital, a senior medical officer in Tambura State, Dr. Dobuol Gatjiek acknowledged that the hospital may not have all dugs needed following supplies sent by the national ministry.

“The pooling system which the national ministry of health uses, they send drugs from Juba, they don’t ask what is needed, they just send. When it gets here, we may not get the ones we need and many may be missing in the supply. So you will see that we may prescribe the drugs but we ask them to buy others from outside and combine the drugs together,” he said.

The health official further revealed that they have raised the complains about lack feeding to concerned authorities, saying many patients especially from far areas of the county who do not have relatives do not have access to food.

He also admitted that the hospital lacks manpower.