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RUMBEK EAST - 3 Mar 2021

Paramount chief arrested for shielding suspected killers in Rumbek East

Authorities of Rumbek East County on Monday confirmed the arrest of Paramount Chief Machuol Makur of Aduel Payam alleged to be protecting suspected killers and cattle thieves in his compound.

The Rumbek East County deputy police commissioner, Brigadier General Makur Dak, said the police on Monday morning went to the house of the chief who was harboring the killers and arrested him.

“We went to his house and arrested the Paramount Chief who was said to be hiding the killers who ambushed and killed people who were traveling on foot with their cows from Naam-cok cattle camp to Amongpiny Payam. He is now under investigation to bring the suspects who killed people in a road ambush," Gen. Makur said. 

According to the police, the victims of the ambush were traveling from Naam-cok cattle camp with cows for a marriage ceremony in Amongpiny Payam of Rumbek Central County when the incident occurred in the Ngap-cok area of Rumbek East County on Sunday.

The police boss said the ambush left one person dead and another wounded. The latter was taken to Rumbek hospital for treatment.

"In the morning when we went, we found that the killers had taken the gun of the person they had killed and three cows are still missing,” Gen. Makur said.

He urged the chiefs to distance themselves from criminals and cooperate with the government in apprehending the lawbreakers.

The Paramount Chief in the area, Sultan Ater Madul Majuot, said the attackers are suspected to be from the Durbar section of Rumbek East County.