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By Deng Vanang - 22 Oct 2019

Opinion | High time UNSC adheres to its mandate

The UN Security Council (UNSC) like its mother body UN was established in 1945 to address massive humanitarian disasters the world faces which its predecessor, League of Nations failed to resolve.

When League of Nations became part of the problems [conflicts over territorial ambitions among the colonial powers} it wanted to address, then Second World War which ended in 1945 became a reality. Now UN and its branch UNSC have found themselves in the same self-serving position where League of Nations was before 1945.

Particularly, in turning a blind eye in the face of human suffering it indirectly wants to exploit through yet to be known reasons. And for which it will be held responsible by more powerful law of nature than that of UN, if South Sudanese civilians continue to suffer under its deliberately orchestrated helpless watch.

Unless in the UN's vocabulary South Sudanese are not human beings like any others such as Iraqis who have been not only protected by UN's sanctioned military interventions, but also ensured radical Islamic terrorist organizations like Kiir's regime were destroyed for them to be safe.

UN in South Sudan miserably failed to intervene in 2013 and 2016 violent skirmishes in Juba as its military intervention force in UNMISS was idly standing by as IO's small contingent unit was being violently routed out of Juba.

In the midst of the same two violent incidents, civilians were badly at the receiving end. Yet UNSC has done nothing till today it wants those violent incidents repeat themselves in an even more disastrous manner.

If some people may think differently, then why UNSC backs the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity  (RTGONU) whose pre-transitional arrangements are not addressed as spelled out in the September 2018 Khartoum peace deal?

Why the same UNSC doesn't ask Kiir why he repeatedly refuses to canton his forces and demilitarize Juba and other former nine states' capitals? For what reason UNSC doesn't ask Kiir for not releasing hundred million dollars from oil proceeds in order to fund the peace process as negotiated and agreed during the peace talks in 2018?

Why should UNSC be backing the formation of RTGONU as scheduled on 12th November most independent voices know it will only precipitate more instability than stability innocent civilians desperately need? And is the formation of RTGONU more important than the millions of lives to be lost as the result of RTGONU establishment?

One answer to all those asked questions is that UNSC has clearly chosen genocidal aggressor over innocent victims, impunity over voice of reason and violent conflict over peaceful resolution.

Deng Vanang is the Secretary General of UDRM/A inside SSOMA.

The views expressed in ‘opinion’ articles published by Radio Tamazuj are solely those of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the author, not Radio Tamazuj.