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BUL WEST - 24 Jun 2019

Northern Liech authorities return dozens of stolen cattle to Twic state

Dozens of cattle raided from herdsmen in Twic state have been returned after being recovered in Northern Liech state, according to a local official.

Gordon Malou Chiling, the security adviser in Northern Liech state, told Radio Tamazuj this morning that they sent back more than 100 head of cattle after a delegation of Twic state came to Bul West County to receive the cattle last Friday.

The move came after a peace conference held in Mankien area of Northern Liech state ended earlier this month. The return of stolen cattle was one of the resolutions adopted at the end of the conference which brought together community leaders and governors of Twic, Northern Liech and Gogrial states.

On the other side, Michael Mayot, the minister of information in Twic state, confirmed that 114 cows have been returned to their owners, while stressing that the raiders had actually taken a far larger number of cattle that has still not been returned.

He said the returned cattle had been taken in a raid last month.

“About 11,000 cows were raided from Twic state and Northern Liech authorities promised to recover the stolen cows,” he said.

The state minister says they are working to return 1,200 cows to their rightful owners in Northern Liech state.

“It is a process and we are still collecting the stolen cows. But I can confirm that we have already received 114 cows from Northern Liech,” he said.

Separately, Minister Mayot said the security situation was stable in Twic state.