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NORTHERN LIECH - 10 Jun 2019

Mankien peace conference ends with calls to curb cattle rustling

A two-day peace conference in Mankien area of Northern Liech state, ended on Sunday with delegates calling for an end to cattle rustling.

The call was one of the resolutions adopted at the end of the conference which brought together community leaders and governors of Twic, Northern Liech and Gogrial states.

The meeting was held after a cattle raid that left dozens dead in Twic State on 28 May. Cattle raiders from neighboring Northern Liech were accused of launching the deadly attack.

Cattle raids are common among pastoralist communities in Gogrial, Northern Liech, and Twic states.

Aiming to control cattle rustling, delegates passed a resolution to pay blood compensation to families of those who were killed during cattle raids between Twic and Northern Liech states since 10 April.

 Michael Mayot, information minister in Twic state, told Radio Tamazuj on Sunday that the delegates assured each other that cattle raided from both states will be returned to their owners.

“We will return 1,200 cows to their rightful owners in Northern Liech. Six people were also killed in Northern Liech state, so their families will be compensated,” he said.

“54 people were killed from our side and Northern Liech will pay blood compensation,” he added.

According to Mayot, Northern Liech and Twic states agreed to arrest suspected cattle raiders.

The state minister pointed out that the military says it will deploy troops to the region, to deal with cattle rustling.

For his part, Northern Liech information minister Lam Tungwar said both sides recommitted themselves to respect and cooperate in implementing the resolutions of the previous peace conference held in Kwacjok town in August 2018.

He confirmed that both sides agreed to return stolen cattle to their rightful owners. Lam further said both states will pay blood compensation to families of those who died as a result of cattle raids.

“We also agreed to carry out investigations so that the criminals are arrested to face justice,” he said.

“Our security forces will be deployed to the border to control attacks. We also agreed to disarm civilians,” he said.

The conference, which started on Saturday, was organized as part of efforts to end violence in the region.