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LAINYA - 13 Aug 2019

Lainya community leaders accuse politicians of fueling conflict

Community leaders from the Greater Lainya counties of Yei River State have accused some political leaders in both government and the opposition of allegedly fueling communal conflicts.

The leaders claimed some greedy politicians are using money and negative propaganda to tear communities apart for their benefit.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj last Thursday, the paramount chief of Kupera County, Ismail Taban said South Sudanese living outside the country spread wrong information about the situation on the ground.

He said as area community leaders, they have decided to unite to vote out any politician inciting violence among communities in the area.

“Politicians are the ones confusing things. Some are saying the situation is good, but the situation is different for us on the ground,” he said.

Simon Ladu, paramount chief of Lainya County, said community leaders have united to promote peace among the suffering communities of Greater Lainya.

He said citizens want an end to the ongoing conflict in the state to allow free movement of people as well as respect for human rights.

“We stand for peace, but our politicians in Yei River State both in the government and the opposition groups outside the country are promoting violence in the Greater Lainya counties. We call upon them to come and see the differences on the ground,” Ladu said.

“We the paramount chiefs are united and stand for peace. We want our politicians to support peace and development,” he added.

Meanwhile, the acting paramount chief of Mukaya County, Kayaka Martin said continuous propaganda by some politicians within and outside the country is subjecting the local population to untold suffering.

“As chiefs staying with people on the ground, politicians have continued to bomb us with violence and we are the ones facing the negative consequences of the conflict. These politicians are enjoying better life outside the country while confusing civilians with war propaganda. We want this to come to an end,” Kayaka said.

Yei River State is one of the areas affected by the country's five-year civil war.