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NORTHERN LIECH - 11 Oct 2018

Government accuses rebels of clashes in Koch County

SPLA soldiers on April 23, 2012 near Bentiu. 2012 (AFP)
SPLA soldiers on April 23, 2012 near Bentiu. 2012 (AFP)

Authorities of South Sudan’s Northern Liech State have accused rebel forces loyal to Riek Machar of launching an attacked government troops in Koch County on Wednesday night.

Northern Liech State minister of information Lam Tungwar told Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that the attack led to the death of one government soldier and three others were injured. But he noted that the aggression did not last long claiming the opposition forces wanted to just loot the civil population.

Tungwar further accused the opposition forces of violating the September peace deal and cessation of hostilities agreement signed by both government and Riek’s armed opposition group.

For his part, Lam Paul Gabriel, the deputy spokesperson for the SPLA-IO denied the allegations saying he was not aware of any clashes in Koch County of Northern Liech State.