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GOGRIAL - 12 Sep 2018

Gogrial speaker resigns amid impeachment threats

The speaker of Gogrial State Legislative Assembly and her deputy on Tuesday tendered their resignation letters to the state governor, SPLM caucus and secretariat.

Speaker Atong Manyaul Lual and deputy speaker Gabino Kiir Madut accused the legislators of conspiring to impeach them.

Atong said she has been forced to resign by lawmakers who threatened to impeach her if she fails to do so.  

 “My resignation is actually true because the move was started from the assembly by members of the assembly. They mobilized themselves up to 17 members out of 21 members and they signed asking the speaker and the deputy to step down from the positions,” she added.

Atong, who is the first speaker of Gogrial assembly was elected speaker soon after the creation of the state added that legislators argue that both her term and that of her deputy had so far elapsed.

She further accused parliamentarians of male chauvinism, jealousy, hate and division, urging them to unite and work towards peace and harmony in the state after her departure.

The state assembly is expected to elect a new speaker soon.