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GOGRIAL EAST - 4 Nov 2021

Gogrial East: Trauma healing training ongoing in Kuajok

About 30 community counseling volunteers from the six payams of Gogrial East County of Warrap State are attending a five-day trauma healing and psychosocial support training in Kuajok City Hotel.

Duor Kuany  Duor, the lead facilitator said the training aims at imparting knowledge to volunteers to help communities cope with trauma and depression.

"We train them on characteristics of a traumatized society and its relation to violence, conflict, and symbols of trauma, how they should recognize a person with stress and this is very important because they stay within communities. As community volunteers counselors, it can help them to talk with people with stress and trauma so that they can change from that conditions," he added. 

One of the participants Achuil Mathuc Chan said he learned trauma as it is with many people and its danger to human health.

"I have learned that trauma is everywhere, and when you have trauma, it is good at least for a counselor to be available to help you. It can help especially our community members who are traumatized by sharing with them how other people have been able to overcome similar challenges," Mathuc stated. 

Another trainee, Aker Mayiik Thiik says: "I have learned trauma healing and psychosocial support meaning I know how to bring a person out of bad conditions and comfort her to take it easy because what affects people so much is when they think too much about bad things." 

"We learned so many things yesterday, like individual resilience, traumatic feeling and psychosocial support like when I get some people with such conditions I will talk to them. Maybe, somebody who could commit rape, I will talk to him or her to avoid it and follow the law," Lino Longar said.