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TORIT - 13 Sep 2018

Fears of health crisis due to poor waste management in Torit

The Civil Society Network in South Sudan’s Torit State is urging the authorities and citizens to observe high levels of hygiene and improve waste management to reduce health risks especially during the rainy season.

During an environmental assessment around residential areas in the town which started on Saturday, the civil society organisation noted poor sanitation and poor waste management in the state capital.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, Charles Okullu the chairperson of the network said communities in the town practice open defecation, which he says poses serious health risks to the community at large.

“The issue of open defecation is very serious, it is rainy season and open defecation will result to cholera, people should use toilets to reduce the spread of cholera. The issue that the community raised is there is lack of latrines in the area; no dumping places and they recommend the need of gloves,” he said.

Sunday Vicky Adolvo, a resident of Torit town agreed that poor sanitation has led to the spread of diseases in the town.

But she appeals to authorities and aid organizations to help them with resources to dig pit latrines.

“They talk to us about dirt, dirt will bring sickness, air pollution, so we realized after our meeting with them but we also requested them to help us with tools because whatever you want to do needs tools,” she added.

For his part, Ben Kalisto, the public health officer at Torit municipality says they are carrying out an assessment on waste management so as to get solutions to waste management to prevent a health crisis.

“We as the municipality, our role is to ensure the health of citizens is in place. We realize the sanitation is too poor and we have to help quickly before it worsens,” he said.

Kalisto further directed the local population to ensure they clean their environment to reduce the spread of diseases.