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TWIC SOUTH - 7 Oct 2019

Families left homeless due to floods in Twic South

More than 200 homes have been destroyed in Twic South County of Jonglei State after the Rive Nile broke its banks causing flooding in greater Twic areas, an official has said.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Sunday, the county commissioner Daniel Deng Manyok said families have been left homeless and in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Deng said the dikes built to control overflow of the river waters broke last week and the level of floodwaters has risen.

“The dikes broke from the side of my county. The area is now over flooded. 44 homes were destroyed in Patiop, 140 in Nomlau and Nyanchiek and 63 others in Marial areas. Water sources are flooded and there is no food and shelter. The situation is worsening,” he explained.

The commissioner said that residents managed to repair the broken dike last Saturday after several days but they fear it would break again due to pressure.

Deng appealed to the government and aid agencies to intervene and provide aid to the homeless as well as repair the dikes.

Areas of greater Twic in Jonglei State are prone to floods and are often cut off during the rainy season.