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WAU - 2 Mar 2021

Church-owned hospital in Wau reopens after closure due to Covid-19

A church-owned hospital in Wau town of Western Bahr al Ghazal State has resumed operations on Monday, two weeks after it was temporarily closed for fumigation purposes.

Sika Hadid Hospital was closed on February 12, 2021, after some of its health workers tested positive for Covid-19. 

However, Sr. Vivenna Efimi, the hospital director said the hospital has resumed its normal operations after all the doctors who were in quarantine tested negative for Covid-19.

She said they have received Covid-19 protective gear for both staff and patients.

"Two weeks ago we have closed down because our doctors were diagnosed positive for Corona and after they went for quarantine. Now they are free from Corona, we cleaned the hospital and disinfected it. We have now received masks, sanitizers, and soaps as a donation from Malteser International,” she said.

Demiano Anthony Luka, a health worker at the hospital says he tested positive for Covid-19 early last month but has recovered and is ready to resume his duties.

"I want to tell my people and everyone that I was tested positive for Corona that time, so now I am free of Corona and I am now eating well, breathing well and I am ready to work and receive patients,” he said.

Michael Foke, a Program Coordinator for Malteser International said his organization will continue supporting local hospitals in the fight against Covid-19.

“Now in this critical moment for Sika Hadid PHCC we come in to donate nine boxes of soap and specialized medical face mask for health workers and we will donate to Comboni Hospital and Mary Mission Immaculate Hospital,” he added.

The Catholic Diocese Health Coordinator Tehanana Gaaba appreciated the aid from Malteser International and confirmed that the facility was fumigated and ready to serve the people of Wau.