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AWERIAL - 2 Mar 2021

7 killed, 6 wounded in Terekeka attack

Authorities in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria State say about seven people were killed and six others wounded when armed youth from Lakes's State Awerial County attacked Lor-ja village of Terekeka on Sunday morning.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj, Terekeka County Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Akhol Ayuong said five people from Terekeka were killed, four wounded while the attackers lost two people and two others were wounded.

The police official confirmed that no cattle were stolen from the Pajo-owa cattle camp in Lor-ja.

"The cattle camp owners have recovered all their cattle except those cows which were killed in crossfire during the clashes between Awerial youth raiders and Terekeka cattle owners," Ayuong added.

Awerial County police chief inspector, Bol Tier confirmed that the attackers are from the Aliap community in his county. 

"These are armed youth, criminals from Awerial County. They went to Terekeka County in an attempt to raid cattle camps there," said Tier. 

He added that a search has been launched for the attackers and assured that they will be arrested and prosecuted.

However, the acting Executive Director of Terekeka County of central Equatoria state Hillary John Konga said a police patrol has been dispatched police patrols along the main road between Awerial County and Terekeka County.