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AWEIL - 13 Sep 2018

Aweil rural court considers including a woman in the council

Aweil rural court officials say they have received proposals to include a woman judge at the court’s council.

The court council is mandated to run customary related cases such as marriage, robbery and compensation.

Gabriel Goma Wol, a chief at Aweil rural court told Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday that the issue was tabled but awaits the judge in charge for deliberations.

“We received the proposal so that they can bring one woman here in the court. The judge who is in charge of the court is away so we are waiting for him and we will decide if she will come or not. Women have the same brains like men. Not only men have brains. She will help us with issues of women,” he said.

Wol said women have equal opportunity to hold any position like their male counterparts as long as they meet the required threshold.