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ABYEI - 7 Dec 2018

Amiet common market in Abyei closed

The Amiet common market for the Ngok Dinka and Misseriya communities was closed this morning, a local official from Ngok Dinka tribe said.

The market was established to sustain peace between the Ngok Dinka and Misseriya tribes in the area.

Kon Kuol, secretary of the peace committee from the Ngok Dinka side, told Radio Tamazuj this morning that the peace committee from the Misseriya side decided to suspend trading activity in Amiet common market after criminal incidents took place in its vicinity.  

He explained that traditional community leaders of Misseriya decided to close the market after the community leaders of Ngok Dinka failed to recover stolen cattle.

Kon pointed out that their committee rejects the decision taken by the Miesseriya tribe, saying Amiet market plays an essential role in the daily lives of people in Abyei – both for the Misseriya and the Ngok Dinka.

He noted that the market helps foster peaceful coexistence and interaction among people of the region.

Misseriya community leaders could not immediately be reached for comment.

Sudan and South Sudan are disputing the oil-rich Abyei, an area inhabited by Arab Misseryia and Ngok Dinka communities.

In October 2013, the Ngok Dinka tribe conducted a unilateral popular referendum, in which the vast majority of people voted to join South Sudan. However, neither Sudan nor South Sudan recognized the plebiscite so far.