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TONJ EAST - 26 Oct 2021

1 person dies, 3 survive lightning strike in Tonj East

Authorities in Tonj East County of Warrap State say one person died and three other people were injured after they were hit by lightning on Monday.

John Deng Kok, the county commissioner said a group of people from the Luachjang community was fighting when lightning struck.

"There was an elopement case and people fought using sticks yesterday (Monday) and they injured each other. It was heavily raining and lightning struck a man who passed away and three others survived. The situation is calm this morning," he added. 

Deng Kok Mabioch, the acting Executive Director for Tonj East County confirmed the fighting and said no one was killed in the fight. 

"The root cause of the fighting was about the girl's elopement. There was a lightning strike that killed one person, burned two houses, and other two persons were seriously injured and were taking treatment at the local health center," he said.